Meet our Team

Jerry Nance

President and CEO

Kevin and Eunice Tyler

Kevin - Chief Operating Officer / Eunice - Executive Assistant to Jerry Nance

Tim Kincaid

Chief Development Officer

Doug Wever

Vice President of Regional Directors

Diane Swanson

Vice President of Strategic Ministries
Director of Women and Children Ministries

Alan Biggers

Director of Marketing and Communications

Gregg and Linda Fischer

Curriculum Director

Ed and Mary Ray

Global Teen Challenge Sustainability Coordinator

Rick Souza

Director of the Sustainable Solutions Department

Matthew and Charlene Gartrell

Development Manager for Women and Children
Event Manager for Women and Children

Shelly Cooke

Strategic Ministries Coordinator

Shelly and Avnel Hogan

Training and Curriculum Manager for Women and Children

Sherri Foarde

Program Development Manager for Women and Children

Norbert & Patricia Schenhals

Regional Director Latin America and Caribbean

Doug and Kelley Samuelson

Regional Director Northern Asia

KK Devaraj

Regional Director for South Asia

Jacobus Nomdoe

Regional Director Africa

Claude Mooneyhan

Global Teen Challenge Representative

Tom and Terry Bremer

Regional Director of Europe

Ilya and Janet Bantseev

Regional Director Eurasia

Jim and Kathie Lowans

Regional Director Asia Pacific

Duane and Cari Henders

Global Teen Challenge Representative

Bernie and Cathy Gillott

Global Evangelism Coordinator

Bob and LeAnn Bachman

Sustainabilty consultant

David and Gabrielle Swanson

Global Experience Coordinator, Web and social media coordinator

Max Martin

Missionaries with Latin America & Caribbean

Jose and Nelly Martinez

Missionaries with Latin America & Caribbean