About us

Our Model

Drug rehabilitation doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a dedicated team, powerful principals, and a proven process, built upon one foundation – Jesus.



We practice seven core values that facilitate rehabilitation and life transformation, one person at a time:


Living and working with excellence


Embracing hope, love, and reconciliation


Working together and supporting one another


Seeing beyond the present


Faithfully managing God’s call and resources


Believing God for the impossible


Dedicating ourselves to the success of others


We humans can work hard for each other, and we should and we must work. But it is God, and only God, who heals.
- David Wilkerson, Teen Challenge Founder

We believe faith in God is primary to a transformed life. It changes perspective, alters behavior, and instills positive values allowing the entire person to heal. If an addict wishes to find permanent freedom from the bondage of addiction, our results show he or she needs to first seek a personal relationship with Jesus.

This central spiritual dynamic is the foundation upon which all aspects of the Teen Challenge programs are built. It is why faith-based counseling is at the heart of what we do. It is why we hold Bible studies, plant churches, and lead community-wide outreaches. And it is the primary reason 86% of Teen Challenge graduates are living a life free from addiction.