Bob and LeAnn Bachman

Sustainability consultant

Bob and LeAnn Bachman were farmers in North Dakota for 30 years and active in their local church and community. In 1995, they worked in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for 3 months on a mission assignment. They sold out of farming in 1999 and spent the next 2 years in Latin America as missionary associates working construction and various other assignments. The Bachman’s joined Convoy of Hope in 2006. They developed the grain initiative, worked with community outreaches and disaster response, as well as traveling to a number of countries teaching agricultural techniques and the bio-sand water filtration system. In 2010 Bachman’s transferred to Sustain Hopeand continued to teach various appropriate technologies. They also accepted the position of liaisons to Global Teen Challenge. As of June, 2015 their first priority and primary focus is working with GTC in cooperation with the Sustainable Solutions Department and the Invest Forward Fund. Bachmans now serve as Sustainability Consultants and travel to global centers to do a detailed assessment, working with directors in teaching the Biblical Theology of Work and Sustainability, vision casting, recommendations and requirements of GTC and providing business plan templates.