Duane and Cari Henders

Global Teen Challenge Representative

Reverend Duane Henders serves as a Global Teen Challenge Representative.

Duane is an Assemblies of God foreign missionary working with the Global Teen Challenge ministry. Duane and his wife Cari have been involved in Teen Challenge ministry since 1969, both in the United States and overseas. For 9 years in the 1970’s, the Henders directed the Teen Challenge men's recovery center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Henders ministered in Portugal for 16 years where they helped start a national Teen Challenge ministry that now has about 170 youth in the 6 resident programs, and a network of 38 coffeehouses across the nation. Duane and Cari also served at the Assemblies of God Mount Hope Bible Institute as teachers, Deans of Students, and Director.

Since 1999 the Henders have been working as missionaries with Global Teen Challenge, helping to establish Teen Challenge centers in countries that request help in combating the spread of drugs. They have helped to establish the Teen Challenge ministries in Portugal, Trinidad, Romania, Ireland, Aruba, Guinea Bissau, Angola and Honduras, and are now working to establish Teen Challenge in Guyana, Grenada, and Suriname. They have also been involved in training staff for many countries in Africa, Europe, Central America and the Far East.

“Over the years,” Duane shares, “we have seen hundreds of lives delivered from drug and alcohol addictions. We know God changes lives! As Global Teen Challenge receives requests from countries appealing for help with their addiction problems, we travel there to preach, motivate, organize and train people in order to set up a rehabilitation center. We work with churches, Bible colleges, government agencies, pastors, and interested individuals. Our goal is to identify people who God is calling to this ministry and equip them to carry it out.”