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Matthew and Charlene Gartrell

Marketing Communications Manager

Matthew serves as the Marketing Communications Manager for Global Teen Challenge. Matthew grew up in Tucson, Arizona, USA and brings several years of account management, relationship building, and business development experience from the corporate world to non-profit.

In early 2016, God asked Matthew if he was willing to give up all he has and follow Him on a grand adventure. Matthew and his wife of 4 years, Charlene, decided to give God their "YES!" and realize that life is not about income, but about impact. Matthew is excited to bring his dynamic and innovative business skills to GTC to help in advancing its mission through marketing and communications.

Matthew holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Management from Grand Canyon University and he is currently working on his Executive MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Matthew and Charlene have one son, Oliver, and are excited for this great adventure that they are embarking on.