Rick Souza

Director of the Sustainable Solutions Department

Rick Souza serves as the Director of the Global Teen Challenge Sustainable Solutions Department, assisting Teen Challenge centers around the world with micro-enterprise development and other sources of funding to enable each center to be self-sustaining.

Rick has facilitated strategic planning sessions with a wide variety of groups for more than 25 years, first as a corporate executive, managing Instructional Research and Design for American Savings & Loan. At the time, it was the largest S&L in the USA.

For the past 20 years Rick has worked with churches, Teen Challenge, ministry groups and businesses throughout the USA and around the world. The results of his strategic planning sessions have been so successful that ministries have literally been revitalized and energized.

In January of 2010, Rick became the Global Teen Challenge Director for the Sustainable Solutions Department. Rick works with the leadership team of local Teen Challenge centers to conduct a thorough Needs Analysis, then he will facilitate workshops with targeted groups that will develop Action Plans, which, when implemented, become the launch pad for change.

Rick Souza serves as an Assemblies of God missionary.