Kenya, Africa

Matumani once had it all: a good education, job opportunities, and eventually a prestigious position at a prosperous international company. But Matumani also had a secret: he was addicted to alcohol. What began as a fling with cigarettes in his high school years turned into a love affair with drinking. He sought alcohol every chance he got, and soon it began to take control of his life. In just a few years, it had cost him everything.

"I lived and breathed alcohol. I had a wife, family, and career but poured them all out into that bottle,” Matumani recalls. “When all hope seemed lost, Global Teen Challenge rescued me."

At his lowest point, Matumani came to Teen Challenge Kenya at the urging of his niece and sister. In just one interview with Teen Challenge, he realized there was hope for him. He gave his life to Christ while enrolled in the program and found freedom from his addiction – a freedom made possible by the love of Jesus.



Delhi, India

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.
-Proverbs 31:25

Sungita walked into the Teen Challenge Center in Delhi seeking something very important: her worth. She was poor, and a woman: two characteristics that earned her very little value in India.

Teen Challenge warmly welcomed Sungita and helped her begin sewing classes. Sewing skills are one way to empower women in India so they can provide a service to their community and earn a healthy income to break the cycle of poverty. Sungita recently completed her training and graduated from Teen Challenge.

“Global Teen Challenge restored my dignity. They taught me my worth as a woman, whereas my community had called me a burden,” Sungita reflects today. “For the first time, I am free to be the me God created.”