When God Gives A Dream

One of the greatest joys of a believer is to find their purpose in life. Recently I was speaking with two of our 17-year old female students who both spoke of recently finding their purpose in life. Both young ladies came from difficult childhoods that included sexual abuse, but now, months later, are speaking of a dream they have to help others around the world. Each girl’s countenance changed when they began to speak of their dream. Neither have a clue at this time how they will get to where they want to go, but they have a dream.

When God puts a dream in your heart or a burden in your heart for a nation or region of the world, the dream begins to form. Inspiration comes, ideas begin to form and the journey begins. It is up to you to see your dream become a reality.

Conrad Hilton said, “To accomplish big things, I am convinced you must first dream big dreams.” This is so true. You have to dream big if you want to do anything. We must look beyond ourselves into God’s ability to carry us.

D.L. Moody said on his deathbed, “If God is your partner, make your dreams and plans BIG.” Moody himself was such a man of faith and understood the importance of making big dreams.  There are no boundaries as to how God will use you and the talents He has endowed you with.

  • The only limits to our dreams are limits we create for ourselves –things like insecurity, fear, real or perceived handicaps.
  • God in you is more than enough to complete your dream!

But, dreaming “big” is not enough!  We’ve all met dreamers. Your dream must be backed up with much prayer and hard work! Yes, hard work. If you don’t back up your dream with prayer and hard work it has no hands or feet!

I read a story of a blind man who also had a hearing problem.  It’s bad enough to be blind, but to be hard of hearing as well, seems more than challenging. But this man loved to play the piano; He loved to compose music—symphonies in fact!  How could he do it?  How could he hear well enough to accomplish this?  He cut the legs of the piano off and had it lay on the wooden floor of his house so he could feel the vibration.  He lay beside the piano playing the chords and notes in his mind, music he could hardly hear at all.  But, he could feel the music, feel the beat, feel the rhythm, and feel the Fifth Symphony come together.  This man’s name was Beethoven.

He had a dream; He did not let his limitations keep him from accomplishing what he heard in his spirit.  His hard work, endless hours, passion and commitment brought about some of the best symphonies of all time.

I have found an additional truth regarding dreaming big dreams,

“God wants all the Glory.”

 Our dreams, visions, and goals often seem to die, come to ruin, are crushed, destroyed or fail before they become a reality.  Why?  So God can get us out of the way and let Him show us that He is in control.  He is the one that gets and deserves all the glory.  If we will trust Him, His will, His direction, He will make our dream a reality!

Someone reading this right now is feeling like his or her dream is dead! My counsel is to keep working, keep believing and keep going. Your miracle may be just around the corner and you will miss it if you quit. Quitters never experience the fullness of their dreams.

Paul writes in Philippians 2:13, “For it is God who works in you, both to will, and to do according to His good purpose.”  God has your best interest in mind and He will help you see your dream realized. You have to stay focused, fearless and faithful to see your dream realized.

God is in control, you can run all you want to, but He is still in control. God is at work in you to draw you to Himself.  Why?  Because He loves you. He has a “good” purpose for you and has endowed you with gifts. Remember, “… all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” (Rom. 8:28)

In Nehemiah 1:2-3 we read where Nehemiah’s brothers came to him and said, “Those who survived the exile and are back in the province are in great trouble and disgrace.  The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire.”

Nehemiah – upon hearing this sat down and began to weep for his people who were in bondage.  God gave him a dream of setting his people free and restoring the wall. Notice how the dream or call came:

  • Not from some personal prophecy
  • Not an angel’s visit
  • Not a counselor making a suggestion
  • Not a burning bush
  • Not a loud voice out of the clouds

Notice, the need was the call.  I want to repeat that, The need was the call.”

You can make a difference in this world.  If you just stay sensitive to the needs around you. But there is always a price to pay to see your dream become a reality.

Three truths surrounding the price of a Dream.

  1. The first price of a dream is: Personal Sacrifice (Nehemiah 2:1,3)

Nehemiah risked his life, left his family, left his security to fulfill what God had put in his heart. The need drove him to risk it all.

  1. The second price you pay for your dream is: Personal Criticism (Nehemiah 4:1-2, 7-8). There is always someone who will criticize you when you declare your vision publically. Nehemiah had Tobiah & Sanballat criticize and threaten him. Someone is always happy to be critical and rain on your parade. There seems to be plenty of negative folk around someone with a dream.

Dreams will be challenged, tested, and criticized.

  1. The third price for reaching your dreams is: Personal Commitment

Nehemiah and those working with him were in danger.  Their lives had been threatened. He ran the risk of failure.  False prophets prophesied against him 6:12. There was so much rubble, junk in the way, so much opposition.

Personal commitment kept Nehemiah on task, on track, and helped him finish his God-given task and dream.

Your personal commitment to your dream will see you through to the end.

Let me say, with God on your side, please “Dream Big.”  You can do it.  You can do great things with God’s help.  God loves you and has a purpose for you.


Jerry Nance PhD
Global Teen Challenge

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